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Kaspersky Small Office Security update includes Android support

Kaspersky has released a new version of its security solution targeted at business with 25 of fewer employees with support for Android devices now included as standard.

Kaspersky Small Office Security allows “very small businesses” to keep up with the newest security threats through a simplified product and means that firms don’t have to opt for inadequate consumer level products.

“With Kaspersky Small Office Security, we're eliminating any barriers that could make a very small business owner think our premium protection is too advanced or too costly for them to use. Kaspersky Lab remains committed to providing the best protection for SMBs and Enterprises alike, and this latest product for very small businesses remains a truly unique offering in the market,” said Chris Doggett, senior VP of corporate sales at Kaspersky Lab North America.

The new features are headed by enhanced mobile device support coming in the shape of support for Android tablets and smartphones providing a range of anti-malware, web browsing protection, and privacy controls. All mobile devices will also be able to benefit from Kaspersky Lab’s anti-theft technology that allows devices to be easily found or remotely wiped.

Safe money provides safe online banking for companies with firms able to conduct a wide variety of financial transactions with the peace of mind that no unauthorised programs are able to run and on screen data is protected.

Automatic exploit prevention stops cybercriminals using “emerging vulnerabilities in legitimate software”, known as Zero Days, to launch attacks with the Kaspersky Password Manager and Online Backup facility also included.

The suite also makes it easy for small companies to take advantage of web policy management, data encryption and file backup, and central management. Any company purchasing the product gets 25 user licenses off the bat, which includes PCs, file servers, and Android smartphones and tablets.

IDC figures put the amount of businesses operating with 10 employees or less at 75 million and that during 2014 these businesses will process millions, if not billions, of dollars, in transactions.

Kaspersky Small Office Security can be bought from the Kaspersky Lab e-store, computer retailers as well as authorised Kaspersky Lab resellers.

Image Credit: Flickr (david.orban)