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New Alfresco CEO sets sights on big spenders Box and Dropbox

Doug Dennerline, who joined enterprise content management specialist Alfresco at the beginning of the year, believes his new charges can emulate the success of other startups-gone-big, Box and Dropbox.

The firm has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 2005, but Dennerline (above) wants to propel the group to new heights.

Referring to himself as the “new guy” on stage at Alfresco Summit 2013 this week, the CEO paid tribute to the work of his predecessors and their dedication to open source software. They had “built an incredible company based on open source and we continue to be supportive of that,” he said.

Dennerline added that Alfresco was already doing a good job of rivalling firms afforded far greater freedom when it came to budgets and expenditure.

“We have around $20 million in the bank, but looking at the industry and some of the people we compete with, companies like Box are burning $6 million every month to grow their business. We’re putting a couple of million dollars in the bank each quarter.”

Addressing an audience comprised primarily of users and developers, many of whom work within the Alfresco infrastructure, Dennerline said the crucial strategy going forward would be “creating applications and platforms that users love and IT likes. I think that’s the key experience,” he said.

“I’ve been in IT my entire life, and their world is in turmoil. Most CEOs are going to their CIOs and saying you’ve built me this, but my users are going onto the web to get the tools that they need to be effective in their jobs, and they’re not using any of this stuff you built for me.”

Despite these challenges in the modern IT landscape, Dennerline insisted the mood at Alfresco was buoyant, as the company chief again sounded out cloud favourites Box and Dropbox as models to follow.

“There’s a lot of really positive energy in the company. We’re expanding on a high growth basis and one of the other things we’re trying to do is make some noise in the market. You hear a lot about Box, Dropbox and others - we need to start standing up and making some noise ourselves.”

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