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Samsung boasts predicted shipments of 100+ million Galaxy devices

Samsung has released figures forecasting sales of more than 100 million of its Galaxy S and Note devices, alongside predictions that over 40 million tablets will be shifted by the end of 2013.

The numbers were revealed to the Korean company's investors at its Analyst Day, and include figures pertaining to the Galaxy S3, S4, the Note II and Note 3.

For the coming year, Samsung predicts that the majority of its sales will be generated from tablets with a heftier 10in display. It believes shipments will hit the 100 million mark, so we could see a lot more Galaxy Tab 2s in circulation, with some even bigger and better brand new devices hopefully thrown into the mix.

Over in Samsung’s mobile department, developers don't seem fazed by talk of a saturated high-end smartphone market. Samsung has stated that in order to further its growth, the company will be looking into manufacturing lower-cost devices with LTE (Long Term Evolution, with regards to 4G) and LTE-A connectivity. Samsung expects that half of all total smartphones in the world will be LTE-enabled by 2017.

Going further, the company also announced its belief that the tablet and PC market will one day become merged as one, and it wants to preside over that marriage as a key player whenever it happens.

Of course, these are all hypothetical predictions and estimates, but Samsung has been doing pretty well of late; the smartphone boom of this year’s third quarter was largely a result of Samsung leading at the helm.

For now, this really is a case of only time will tell.

Image: Flickr (samsungtomorrow)