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$14bn Twitter hits NYSE as 'TWTR', trading at $26 per share

Twitter has priced its shares at $26 (£16.17) each, ahead of its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

That is well above the original estimate of between $17 and $20, and higher than the $23-$25 predicted earlier this week.

This puts the company at a value of $14.2 billion (£8.8 billion), making it officially the biggest market entry for a technology firm since Facebook's disastrous Nasdaq debut in 2012.

The micro-blogging firm will flog 70 million shares, raising $1.82 billion (£1.1 billion) in the process.

However, huge question marks still hang over the company as makes the transition into a public outfit. The biggest of these revolves around Twitter's ability to actually make some money.

Last month, the San Francisco-based company revealed a long history of heavy financial losses, and this year's is set to be the biggest yet. Most worryingly, the company is yet to make a profit, but investors still seem excited by the social network's money-making potential.

In the first six months of 2013, Twitter brought in revenue of $253.6 million (£156.8 million) – a record for the firm – but also suffered all-time high losses of $69.3 million (£42.9 million).

Around 85 per cent of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising.

In May last year, Facebook the Nasdaq exchange, trading its stocks for $38 per share. However, reports that the firm was struggling to earn cash from mobile advertising coupled with high prices, put long-term investors off making a move.

Technical glitches didn't help either and, after shares dipped, the company took a year to make a full recovery.

The micro-blogging site will trade under the symbol 'TWTR'.