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Samsung criticises own software with big investment planned

Samsung has admitted that it’s software expertise aren’t up to scratch implicitly alluding to the fact that it’s Touchwiz UI isn’t up to scratch.

A leading figure at the company told an analyst’s day that hardware is where it’s expertise lies with software set to see huge R&D investment to bring it in line with the hardware department.

"Even though we're doing the software business, we're not as good as we are in hardware,” said Samsung vice chairman Kwon Oh-hyun, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Touchwiz UI that is loaded on top of every version of Android on Samsung devices is one of the main pieces of software Samsung produces and users have long complained over its clunkyness and how inferior it is compared to the Android OS.

The comments came after Kwon had compared Samsung’s hardware and software departments to the Boston Red Sox with the baseball team’s batters leading the major leagues, much like Samsung’s hardware division, whilst comparing Samsung’s software to the pitching staff.

"But when I looked at their pitching performance, it was just the middle of the league," he said. "But they still won the world championship."

In order to combat Samsung’s disappointment at its software business it is directing more resources from its research and development [R&D] budget to cover software, with half of its R&D work force now focusing on software and that number is set to grow.

Another sector that Kwon is keen to crack is the enterprise market, which he accepted is a “weak point” for the Korean firm. This is another area Samsung has been investing R&D time in with security one of the major areas into which it’s looking to expand.

Samsung’s 2013 Analyst Day contained plenty of nuggets on the company’s booming mobile business with the company forecasting sales of over 100 million for its Galaxy S and Note devices over the coming year – 40 million of them tablets.

Image Credit: Flickr (Stereopoly Blog)