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Apple will fix it: In-store repairs for iPhone 5C and 5S

Apple customers may soon be treated to more in-store repair options. According to 9to5Mac, which cited unnamed sources, Apple Stores will begin offering replacement services for various iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c parts, eliminating the need to fully replace a damaged unit.

Chosen locations will be outfitted with special machinery used to replace touch screens on Apple's newest flagship phones. As with any of Cupertino's services, the process won't come cheap: According to 9to5Mac, screen replacements will cost $149 (£92.50) per device. However, if your device breaks in the middle of a two-year contract, you could face paying hundreds of dollars for a new device, so £92.50 might be a bargain in that case.

Customers whose device is protected by an AppleCare warranty, however, will receive part replacements free of charge. For everyone else, fees will be based on individual parts.

The report also tipped the ability for store employees to replace the battery, volume buttons, vibrating motor, rear camera, and speaker system on both the iPhone 5s and 5c, the latter of which makes for an easy Home button swap, as well. iPhone 5s users, however, are out of luck if their Touch ID-based key stops working.

Over the summer, Cupertino reportedly extended its in-store repair policy to include iPhone 5 screens, which could be replaced for $149 while you wait. The company did not formally announce the new service, but rumours tipped a number of other in-house repairs on parts like the camera, sleep/wake buttons, and logic boards.

The announcement comes after a teardown site found that Apple's new iPad Air is nearly "impossible" to repair.