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Apple releases fix for OS X Mavericks' faulty mail application

Apple this week issued a patch for OS X Mavericks intended to fix a problem with the updated Mail application.

Complaints related to managing Gmail account messages, including stability and compatibility issues, arose last month, when the Cupertino-based company launched its next-generation Mac operating system.

Most notably, the update fixes an issue that prevented those with custom mail settings from deleting, moving, and archiving messages. It also addressed inaccurate unread mail counts.

Download the 32.46 MB fix via Apple's Software Update option. A standalone manual installer is also available from Apple Support Downloads.

Before installing the update, Cupertino urges all users to back up their system, using the built-in Time Machine or a personal storage program. And Apple offered a disclaimer for DIY users, noting that those running third-party system software modifications or a modified operating system may experience unexpected results.

A fix for unresponsive keyboards and Multi-Touch trackpads on the 13in Retina MacBook Pro model is also available.

Mac OS X Mavericks includes new Finder Tabs and Tags, multiple-display support, and revamped Safari browser. It launched in October, available for free to Mac users. Within its first five days, the operating system was rumoured to have surpassed 10 per cent installation rate.

But not everyone who jumped onto the free OS bandwagon was happy with their results. On 22 October, user neilstaite started an Apple Support thread, complaining that the Mail app was not properly organising Gmail messages on his MacBook Air. The comment garnered 161 replies, some of which were accompanying gripes, while others offered workarounds for users' problems.

Despite the update, some users still appear to be having issues.

"Post-update: For me Archive/All mail are working, the emails are arriving, but the INBOX as you are saying REALLY still doesnt update even after the update," user JanRezab wrote in a 8 November comment. "This is horrible. Mac mail was the best email client in the world, and they just screwed it up sooo bad. Why don't they just RETURN it to the way it worked??? There are ZERO updates in the mac mail."

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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