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Daily tech deals: Free Samsung smartwatch, 76% save on BlackBerry Z10, and a knock-down Sennheiser headset

It’s deal time again, so what better place to start than with a smartwatch? High street phone flogger Phones 4u is now offering customers who buy the Galaxy Note 3 on contract the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch for free. Yes, that’s right, you can get a piece of kit worth £300 for essentially nothing. The Note 3 itself is also free on contracts starting from £42.99 a month, and coincidentally, it’s the only place you’ll find the phablet device looking pretty in pink. With a bite-your-fist-in-glee big 1080p display, the Note 3 is visually stunning with 386 ppi, vibrant colours and deep, inky blacks. Really, it’s understandable that they’re having to flog the smartwatch; being sold next to the Note 3, it’s sort of like Susan Boyle standing next to Mila Kunis in a line-up. Poor smartwatch really hasn’t had a look in.

Elsewhere in deal-land, the growing cheap phone tree has yielded a BlackBerry Z10 ripe for the plucking. With an RRP of £736.03, retailing at £179.95 makes for a 76 per cent saving that would bring a tear to any bargain-hunter’s eye. It’s been a pretty tough year for BlackBerry, with the release of the Z10 in January being one of the Canadian company’s only high-points. Available on Amazon in either black or white with a 4.2in touch display and an 8-megapixel rear camera, the handset comes SIM-free and even throws in free delivery for just in case your pennies weren't pinched enough.

Finally, with news that Motorola have patented a microphone throat tattoo, we’re clinging on to our humanity with a deal for a nice old-fashioned Sennheiser headset. Amazon have knocked sixty three per cent off its £34.99 RRP meaning crisp sound quality that doesn't need to be wired in to your skull can be yours for a wholesome £13.00. The binaural headset delivers high quality audio for music, games, movies and internet calls in stereo sound with a special microphone filter that cancels out ambient noise, meaning your voice will always be clear, intelligible and unlike a cyborg as is humanly possible.