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Google announces new cloud services one day before Amazon's re:Invent

If you've ever spent weeks arranging a big party, only to have someone send out invites for their own party just a few days before the big night, you might understand Amazon's frustration this week, ahead of its landmark re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

Quite apart from IBM apparently buying advertising on a whole load of Las Vegas buses directly comparing Amazon's service unfavourably to its own, Google is now trying to lure developers away from its rival's cloud services by announcing two new utilities - and offering them for free.

The two products – Mobile Backend Starter, and Cloud Endpoints - give developers two ways to tie applications into cloud storage, and were announced on Monday, the day before re:Invent began.

"As a mobile application developer, some projects demand building your own backend, while others can move faster with a ready-made solution," Google wrote in statement announcing the availability of the new service.

The first service, Cloud Endpoints, allows developers to create, expose, and pull data from APIs hooked up to the company's platform-as-a-service App Engine. And it's free.

Both services have been in preview for a number of months. Endpoint's general availability release sees new features integrated into the service, such as being able to deal with large media files by using close integration with Google Cloud Storage.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM are all competing for a larger piece of the booming expansion of the cloud marketplace.

One thing developers should be wary of is tying themselves down too tightly to a single one of the cloud services. This is exactly what each company wants, of course, but allowing them to lock you in will make subsequent migrations difficult.

Consider yourself warned!

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Image: Flickr (xianglai)