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The world's best startup: Internet of Things firm reelyActive scoops top prize

A Montreal-based business has been named the world's best startup at the final of Startup World, a global competition "to find the next Jobs or Zuckerberg."

Formed in 2012, reelyActive is the latest startup to utilise technology to drive innovation in the 'Internet of Things' market. By 2015, Cisco predict that over 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things, and that by 2020 that number will have reached 50 billion.

Founded by Jeffrey Dungen, Pier-Olivier Genest and Traian Antonescu, reelyActive aims to "power the next wave of connectivity" by connecting the physical and the digital interactions of people, places and things.

The challenge they faced was to create a new viable infrastructure that was able to connect things unable to access Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The infrastructure they created uses wireless radio sensors connected to the Internet to connect objects in the physical world to those in the digital domain in a "hyperlocal context."

One organisation to have gained an advantage from reelyActive includes Parqplace, an app designed to find available parking by connecting individual parking spaces to the cloud. Without the infrastructure created by reelyActive, Parqplace would be unable to exist.

ReelyActive was chosen for the award from a group of finalists who had flown in from around the globe for the grand final competition of Startup World held in San Francisco.

Startup World founders Hermione Way and Erick Davidson said that reelyActive technology was so effective due to its ability to identify real-world context to facilitate a wide variety of applications.

"Their novel radio hardware provides a cost-effective, plug-and-play means to identify and locate wireless devices," Davidson said.