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Twitter unveils custom timeline feature

Twitter has unveiled custom timelines, which let users create a stream of tweets they choose and organise themselves.

The feature, housed within TweetDeck, sounds very similar to Storify, which lets users pull in tweets and other content from around the web to create stories about certain events. On Twitter, users can create custom timelines by adding tweets by hand or programming tweets to automatically pop up using the company's API.

"This means that when the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant tweets," Twitter said in a blog post.

Twitter served up a few examples, like one from The Voice US host Carson Daly, who pulled together tweets about a recent show. Politico will also organize tweets from policy industry experts in a new Tweet Hub.

Politico used the custom timelines API beta, which lets the more tech-savvy users program "custom timelines based on the logic that you choose, or building tools that help people create their own custom timelines, as TweetDeck does."

Custom timelines will roll out to TweetDeck for web, Chrome, and PC over the next several days, and will hit the Mac app "soon." When it arrives, look for the new "custom timeline" column type in TweetDeck, and hit the "+" icon or use the "A" keyboard shortcut to add.

"To add a Tweet to a custom timeline, simply drag the move icon and drop it on the custom timeline column that you would like to update," TweetDeck said in a separate blog post. "Removing a Tweet is just as easy - simply click on the 'X' icon on a Tweet in a custom timeline column and it will be removed."

Once custom timelines are created, they can be shared via a link or embedded on websites. A custom timelines column will also be added to your TweetDeck profile so followers can easily find your creations.

It's been a busy month for Twitter, after their début on the stock market last week opened trading at $45.10.