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AMD Radeon R9 270 preview

In case you hadn't had your fill of new graphics cards, AMD has launched yet another. Early October the Radeon R7 260X, R9 270X and R9 280X were introduced, later that month the flagship Radeon R9 290X arrived and last week the related Radeon R9 290 came out. AMD is far from resting on its laurels, because today it's launching the Radeon 270, a more affordable version of the 270X that is positioned against the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.

The Radeon R9 270X is a graphics card based on the existing Pitcairn GPU and is in fact a faster version of the Radeon HD 7870. You can find 270X cards for £150 already, with an average price of £160. Their performance is in line with the slightly more expensive Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, so AMD offers more value for your money here.

The new R9 270 is based on the exact same GPU, but should more be seen as the successor to the Radeon HD 7850. The R9 270 has an official price of £140, less than the GeForce GTX 660 it's being positioned against.

To make things even more interesting AMD informed us that they're bundling Battlefield 4 vouchers with all Radeon R9 cards, including the R9 270. However, this is done together with selected partners, and AMD says buyers first have to check availability here . One local retailer was not aware of this campaign, so it's possible that if you buy a card today it won't come with a voucher. It's worth shopping around and doing your homework before purchasing, in other words. You can read the rest of this review on