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Oracle bolsters cloud network with addition of four new data centres

Oracle is set to increase its number of data centres to 17 with the addition of four new locations by the second quarter of 2014.

The tech giant recently announced the expansion plans, which it hopes will further its "commitment to being the industry's leading cloud service provider."

The new cloud data centres will be located in Germany and Canada and subject to the data residency and regulatory requirements of these countries. This could be a key selling point for potential customers in the fallout from the NSA spying scandal, after it was revealed that intelligence agencies were able to access information stored in centres based in countries with looser data regulations.

Oracle president Mark Hurd said: "We are excited to announce this expansion as further commitment to our global customer base and their data residency requirements.

"Oracle operates a mission-critical cloud and we understand that cloud services need to deliver more than our already industry-leading breadth and depth of cloud-service functionality. Oracle also delivers on the requirements of enterprise IT, including important corporate and regulatory requirements around data privacy and security."

The cloud computing industry has grown rapidly over the last year, with the sector currently dominated by Amazon, which owns more than 25 per cent of the market.

Last week, Oracle was awarded a multi-million pound contract with BT to transform the telecom giant's HR and management systems through the implementation of a cloud system.