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TalkTalk Business’ vast Ethernet network triggers revenue growth

TalkTalk Business reports that corporate revenues have grown by some 2.5 per cent in Q2 with the company able to invest in new Ethernet infrastructure as a result.

The business arm of TalkTalk Group stated that increasing demand for “data and carrier services” were driving up the figures with corporate revenues also increasing by 1.3 per cent year-on-year in Q2.

“In what is still a challenging and shifting climate for British businesses, great value, scalability and flexibility remain fundamental for growth. Operating the UK’s largest Ethernet-enabled network means we’re able to provide organisations across the country with the business-grade connectivity that they need in order to grow, at truly competitive prices,” said Charles Bligh, MD of TalkTalk Business

The period mentioned also saw TalkTalk Business increase the number of Ethernet-enabled exchanges from 2,199 to 2,980 – an uplift of 35 per cent – and it can now lay claim to operating the UK’s largest such network offering four times as much coverage as BT.

TalkTalk Business also installed a further 3,432 Ethernet and EFM lines during the first half of the financial year bringing its total installed base to 13,600 lines.

As a whole, TalkTalk Group saw its H1 revenue leap 1.8 per cent to £843 million with core earnings of £76 million slightly ahead of what was expected and coming despite heavy investment in TV products.

The amount of customers that signed up in Q2 hit 167,000 and led to it forecasting that by the end of financial year in March it will have a million viewers and it meant TalkTalk to raised its revenue growth forecast to at least three per cent from the original figures of two per cent.

Image Credit: Flickr (Declan TM)