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Amazon releases Kinesis service, promising data analysis at your fingertips

Amazon has announced its newest service, Kinesis.

The announcement came after a dramatic live demonstration during a keynote by chief technology officer and vice president of at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

Kinesis is "a fully managed service for real-time processing of high-volume, streaming data," and is available for limited preview today.

According to Amazon, using its new Kinesis service, "a customer can store and process terabytes of data an hour from hundreds of thousands of sources."

This makes it easier to "write applications that take action on real-time data such as web site click-streams, marketing and financial transactions, social media feeds, logs and metering data and location-tracking events," according to a statement by the web giant.

Up until now, most big data processing has been done through batch-oriented approaches such as those used by Hadoop, or through database technologies such as data warehouses. But these have their problems.

"To build applications that rely on this 'fast-moving' data, many companies have developed their own systems or stitched together open source tools," Amazon said.

"But these are often complex to build, difficult to operate, inelastic and hard to scale and can be unreliable or lose data."

Kinesis, the company claims, is a solution to these problems.

According to Amazon, the service "takes care of all the 'heavy-lifting' for developers, providing easy data ingestion and storage, high data durability and the ability to scale seamlessly from kilobytes to terabytes an hour," and the online marketplace giant believes it can deliver this "at a fraction of the cost and effort" of data warehouses.

With just a few clicks, Amazon claims, "customers can create a data 'stream' that reliably captures and stores data as it is submitted, making it available to applications, open source streaming tools, and data stores (e.g. Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Redshift)."

Interested users can sign up for a limited preview from today.

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