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Workshare partners with Alfresco for secure document management

Workshare and Alfresco have signed a partnership that will let customers manage content using the latter’s platform and compare highly sensitive files securely whilst on the move.

The agreement leverages the Workshare Compare Server’s capabilities and allows customers to gain added value from Alfresco by letting them compare documents across a wide range of devices.

“Workshare’s comparison applications are used by 62 percent of the Fortune 1000’s legal departments and as such require information accuracy, privacy and access control,” said John Newton, CTO and Co-founder of Alfresco. “The Alfresco integration with Workshare’s technology gives global customers added enhancements to our smart platform to help organisations effectively meet these stringent requirements.”

Workshare’s Compare Server will immediately improve document groupings by letting customers make real-time comparisons between all Microsoft documents as well as PDFs. This will be of added advantage to heavily regulated professions such as healthcare, financial, legal and pharmaceutical with users safe in the knowledge that what is being worked on is both compliant and secure when on the move.

“Accuracy is a pressure that many of us understand and deem important. However, in highly-regulated industries, accuracy is non-negotiable,” commented Anthony Foy, CEO of Workshare. “Client and compliance pressures mean that users are now turning to applications such as Workshare’s to automate comparisons, remove human error, and provide complete peace of mind.”

Anyone looking to learn more about the new Workshare functionality is reminded that Micro Strategies is hosting it inside its pod at this week’s Alfresco Summit in Boston that concludes on 15 November.

Workshare provides secure enterprise collaboration applications that let individuals within a company create, share and manage sensitive content on any device, anywhere. Over 1.8 million professionals in 70 countries already use the company’s desktop, mobile, tablet and online applications with the number only likely to grow thanks to this new partnership.