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Xbox One launch: Microsoft plans blowout parties for new console

Microsoft has been insatiable of late, showing off the Xbox One like a proud mobster boss parading round his dolled-up daughter. “Look at my Xbox One,” it boasts. “She’s my Princess. She’s real classy - 8GB of RAM and everything. Nothing is too good for her, nothing.” Any whispers that the PS4 might be altogether prettier are silenced with furious glares and a squad of hitmen dispatched to your house in the dead of night.

It makes sense then, that for the Xbox One’s launch celebrations, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops.

The much-anticipated console will launch in 13 countries on the big day, including the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria. Most of the events will be held during the night on Thursday, 22 November, providing a countdown as the clock rolls round to midnight and the console officially goes on sale.

Here in London, ITProPortal will be heading along to the launch event at a mystery location in London where the Xbox One will launch with a price tag of £429.

Microsoft is keeping tight-lipped on the details so far, but rumours abound entailing surprise performances, celebrity appearances and the chance for fans to play the games first-hand whilst waiting for the midnight store opening.

Still, if you have a grand in spare cash lying around and are feeling particularly keen, you might want to hop on a plane because the two main launch celebrations will be held in the United States - in New York and Los Angeles.

In New York, fans will be treated to a concert by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Time Square. The first 1,000 fans in the line to purchase an Xbox One console or game will be granted free admission to the concert, where they can hug the console tightly to their chest and bob cautiously along to the beat, risking as little damage as possible to their prized new possessions.

Stay tuned to ITProPortal for the latest news when we head to the launch event next week. In the meantime, read up on Microsoft’s journey to this point so far, with our first hands on impression of the Xbox One and the news that some lucky customers have already received their consoles after a shipping error posted them off two weeks early.