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Apple updates iWork for iCloud beta with new collaboration tools

Following the August rollout of iWork for iCloud beta, Apple has revealed a handful of new features, including some top customer requests.

Those who log into iCloud will now find versions of the Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Keynote (presentations) apps, all with better collaboration options.

This update comes with the ability to not only see who else is currently in a document, but also watch their cursor and selections. Want to catch up with another user's work? Click their name in the collaborator list to immediately jump to their cursor. Images and shapes animate when people move them around the document.

Additional fan favourites like printing directly from the Tools menu and folders in which to organise files are now available.

Spreadsheets just got a little easier, as well, with the option to change the order of the document's sheets directly in the browser, as well as to create links using the new hyperlink function.

Keynote users, meanwhile, can now right-click any slide in the navigator to skip it during playback.

Cupertino unveiled iWork for iCloud at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, with the promise of real-time editing for everyone. Initially, only developers could get their hands on the software, but it opened to the public in late August. Now anyone with a Web browser, a Mac or PC, and an iCloud account can access apps from anywhere.