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First Sailfish OS smartphone by Jolla set to launch Nov 27

The first Jolla smartphones will debut on 27 November in Finland exclusively via local carrier DNA.

A batch of 450 phones will be available primarily to those customers who pre-ordered the device, who will be invited to DNA's one-night-only launch event in central Helsinki.

"Being a Finnish operator, it has been very important to DNA to be able to support a Finnish success story, one in which we see great potential" DNA Business Director Cedric Kamtsan said in a statement. "People have been eagerly awaiting Jolla phones and their long wait will finally be rewarded in Helsinki on 27 [November]."

Jolla — the brainchild of a group of ex-Nokia employees and MeeGo developers — demoed its new Sailfish operating system a year ago, and took its first pre-orders in May.

"Jolla has attracted an enormous amount of interest," Kamtsan said. "Because the basic idea with Jolla is to develop the phone in co-creation spirit with the users, it seemed like the right thing to offer the first phones to those who had displayed an interest in them as soon as the first phones became available."

The €399 (£334) 4.5in smartphone is Android-app compliant, and boasts a dual-core processor and support for 4G LTE where available. It also comes with 16GB of storage and a microSD card slot, as well as an 8-megapixel camera and a user-replaceable battery.

"As the first Jolla phone is about to be launched, everything is ready to make the consumers involved," Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki said in a statement. "The launch does not mark the end of product development, it goes on in cooperation with the consumers."

The first 450 customers will receive their phone later this month, while the remaining "thousands" of Finns who booked a device will be contacted soon after. Jolla phones will hit DNA retail store shelves in early December.

The MeeGo-based Sailfish OS sports a button-less user interface, similar to the Windows Phone Live Tiles function. And as of today, it comes with Nokia Here's mapping and positioning technology, offering users up-to-date map data and location information like restaurants and hotels in more than 190 countries.

"We are excited that Here is providing its leading positioning services for Sailfish OS and that our maps application will be powered by Here cloud services," Pienimäki said in a statement. "This will help us deliver the optimal mobile maps experience to our customers."

Beginning 27 November, Jolla owners can download the Nokia maps app, as well as a number of other Android applications, from Yandex.Store.