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MapQuest relaunched with brand new Android, iOS 7 apps

When you think about MapQuest, you probably remember the days before Google Maps and GPS devices, when you used to print out a paper copy of your route before hitting the road.

The company is hoping to once again shake up the mapping space with a totally revamped mobile app. Launching for iOS 7 and Android, the new MapQuest navigation app offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions along with handy new features like traffic alerts and one-click point-of-interest and location sharing.

"Our product and engineering teams went back to the drawing board and have completely re-imagined our flagship mobile app from the ground up," MapQuest Marketing Manager Laura Maxwell wrote in a blog post. "Our new MapQuest mobile app offers a personalized navigation experience that's both easy-to-use and safe for everyday drivers."

The app features high-resolution maps with enhanced zoom capabilities and new cartography. New interactive map layers and customisable category buttons should make it easy to find nearby businesses and other popular locations.

The app also offers an "industry-first" ETA status bar, which shows you the time and distance to your destination, as well as anticipated traffic along your route. If you're poised to hit a huge traffic jam, the app can re-route you in real time. Finally, if you're meeting friends or family, you can send them your location or destination via social media, text message, or email in one click.

"This app is just more than a handy navigation app with cool features — it also represents a new era for MapQuest," Maxwell wrote. "We're bigger, better, savvier and more responsive than ever."

The new MapQuest navigation app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Apple has been struggling this year to bolster its Maps app, acquiring Silicon Valley startups to improve its ratings.