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World Climate Summit: Deputy Prime Minister kicks off environmental debate

ITProPortal has just landed in the wonderful city of Warsaw for the World Climate Summit, a two-day event that will discuss the issues of climate change and bring forward possible solutions to the problem.

Make no mistake – this is a major event. I'm joined here by over 1,000 representatives from over 100 different organisations, including the likes of BMW, Unilever and HSBC. There are some serious players in attendance, and we'll be interviewing several of them later today.

Things are getting underway really soon, and boy do we have a great schedule for you.

Up for debate are key themes such as energy, the public and the private sectors, finance, sustainability and 'the Road to Paris 2015', and we will witness a great range of speakers and experts both today and tomorrow.

The attendees are just beginning to settle down, since Janusz Piechociński, Poland's Deputy Prime Minister and minister of economy, is about to kick things off with his welcome speech.

Stick with ITProPortal for the next 36 hours or so fresh updates, and give us a follow on Twitter, where we'll be joining the discussion via the hashtags #wclimate and #climatesolutions.