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Companies favour gTLDs over social media, survey states

Generic top level domains [gTLDs] could signal the decline of social media marketing with research showing over 80 per cent of companies stating gTLDs are a more useful method by which to market a company or product.

Registry services provider Afilias revealed research that showed 83 per cent of gTLD applicants and Internet experts think that branded domain names are a “more effective” way of engaging customers than social networks and third party sites.

“Brand pages on social networks may enable brand/consumer dialogue, but third-party sites — whether Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest — also own that interaction and information. One of the key advantages of a ‘dot Brand’ gTLD is that businesses will be able to take back control of their online presence and reduce reliance on social networks for online conversations,” said Roland LaPlante, CMO at Afilias.

The survey was filled in by 51 per cent of the 134 delegates and speakers at the London Digital Marketing and gTLD Strategy Congress on 26-27 September 2013 with 41 per cent of the belief that companies will become less reliant on social media marketing as time goes by.

In addition 71 per cent of those surveyed intend to phase out older .com and .net domains in favour of a branded domain name in the coming months and years.

“Our survey shows that businesses across industries are finally ‘getting it’ about the benefits of new gTLDs. The program represents the largest expansion of the Internet’s naming system since it began, and many brands are putting all hands on deck to take full advantage of the branding and security benefits the changes bring,” LaPlante added

October saw the roll out of gTLDs on a global basis with the president of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ [ICANN] generic domains division stating that it was “the biggest change to the Internet since its inception”.

Following this it was announced that London was to get its own domain suffix, .london, with thousands of companies already showing an interest in advance of its launch in summer 2014.