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Smart cities: Grill industry experts through live Twitter Q&A on Thursday 21 November will be running a live Twitter Q&A session on smart cities this Thursday from 11.00 GMT under the hashtag #SMCities.

Everybody knows that cities generate a huge amount of data, but converting this into useful information can be difficult.

Former BBC, Sky and ITV presenter Lindley Gooden recently chaired a webinar discussing exactly this.

The Q&A panel boasts the likes of Chris Cooper, UK Smarter Cities Technical Leader at IBM, Dr Rick Robinson, Executive Architect at Smarter Cities and IBM Software Group Europe and Rodric Yates, Program Director and CTO at BIM Software Europe.

How can governments, organisations and communities work together to gain good value from technology, while using information to develop and deliver more useful services?

Topics up for discussion during the Q&A include but are not restricted to the role of technology and data in a smart city vision, aligning formal city institutions with informal creativity and local innovation and collaboration, as well as a number of informative case studies.

To get your question answered by industry experts in the live Q&A, submit it in advance here, and don't forget to follow @SmarterTrends.