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BBVA case study: Mobilising IT operations via a fully managed solution

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Multinational banking group BBVA is one of Spain’s largest banks, employing over 110,000 people and operating across more than 30 countries. The group has over 7,000 branches worldwide and its UK operations, based in Canary Wharf, look after a growing number of its 50 million global customers. This case study explores how it has deployed a fully managed mobile and landline solution to ease pressure on its internal IT team. While the example below alludes to BBVA's relationship with a specific vendor, the Six Degrees Group, IT decision makers should remember that there are a wide variety of options available and what follows should be regarded as a representative illustration only and not a direct endorsement of any one company.

The challenge: Checking and balancing a mobile workforce

With a rising individual and corporate customer base, BBVA’s UK team was under increasing pressure to be available to manage and address customer needs in real-time. Whether staff members were on the move or in the office, they needed to address customer queries quickly. Setting up a reliable and efficient mobile and landline service was crucial for BBVA to keep ahead of the financial curve and on top of customer service. But managing such a service was bound to be a logistical nightmare for the internal IT team on a day-to-day basis.

The solution: Taking mobile to the next step

BBVA turned to communications specialist Six Degrees Group (6DG) to provide it with a fully managed mobile and landline solution and to streamline BBVA’s calls.

6DG supplies BBVA with over 185 mobile devices, including mobile phones and data devices, leveraging O2’s UK network and a full BlackBerry Enterprise Server. In addition, 6DG provides the banking group with high-level support to help it manage the server through O2 and RIM.

BBVA’s landline call traffic is diverted and managed through 6DG’s carrier pre-select services. This means BBVA can benefit from quick response times and support from 6DG should any problems arise, resulting in solutions being found in a matter of minutes.

The result: Making the numbers add up

6DG has provided BBVA with access to a flexible voice solution that successfully meets its business needs for mobile and landline accessibility. It has flexible tariffs, expert advice and a wide range of mobile handsets at its fingertips. If new handsets are required, 6DG is able to provide them.

Luis Santiago, IT Vice President, BBVA said: “Overall, the solution 6DG has provided us with gives us peace of mind. When it comes to keeping connected, our voice systems are fundamental to the way we work so if we have any problems with our mobiles or landlines, we can be happy in the knowledge we will be able to get a quick fix with 6DG. The team there will answer any query quickly, meaning we can get on with our day-to-day work, without having to sit ‘on hold’ for ages if there’s an issue with any of our devices or the landlines.

“6DG has provided us with a small management team so we always get through to people we know. In fact, 6DG is so dedicated to helping us quickly, members of the team have even been known to jump in a cab to hand deliver a new device in a moment of need! In terms of tariffs and devices, we also know 6DG is continually analysing the market to make sure we have the solution that best suits the way we work.”

Mobilising BBVA

’s future

Looking to the future, 6DG will be supporting BBVA’s migration from BlackBerry to iPhone and managing the process of switching from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, leaving the banking group to focus on its day-to-day tasks without interruption.

Luis Santiago concludes: “Working with 6DG to manage our voice connections means the pressure has been taken off the internal IT team. We are able to focus on our high level work without having to worry about phones going down, slow carrier response times or broken handsets. We can now concentrate on what’s important to BBVA – making sure our customers have the highest quality of service from us.”