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Feeble Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Round sales leave Samsung red-faced

The Samsung Galaxy Round smartphone and Galaxy Gear watch have failed to win over mass market interest, according to pallid sales figures from the first few months of the devices' release.

The duo were both meant to represent beacons of innovation in the race to develop revolutionary ergonomic technology. However, according to reports, the Galaxy Gear is only managing to squeeze out sales of between 800-900 units daily. Meanwhile, in the first four days following its release, the Galaxy Round only mustered enough interest to generate sales of around 100 units a day.

According to BusinessKorea, industry experts are not concerned about the lacklustre demand for the curved smartphone. They claim that the mobile device was not released to generate sales, but was rushed to market as a “test product” so that Samsung could pin the medal of “First Flexible Smartphone Creator” to its chest.

On the other hand, when the Galaxy Gear launched in September it was to a great deal of jazz hand hype from its South Korean creators. A TV ad boasted about its unique position in the lucrative wearable technology market and mass media interest placed a heavy weight of expectation on the tiny device’s shoulders.

It was a shame then, that at launch the Galaxy Gear was widely panned by critics; its expensive price tag, limited functionality and poor battery life were cited as particular concerns. Early reports also said that retailers were experiencing exceptionally high return rates of the device from up to 30 per cent, suggesting that customers were dissatisfied with the quality.

Still, Samsung’s limited success hasn’t stopped Apple taking a bite of the, well, apple. The rumour mill is buzzing with speculation that the Californian electronic behemoth is developing its own iWatch for release at some point in 2014 with a focus on health and biometrics feedback.