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DigiWorld 2013: Orange talks up sustainable growth and 'ubiquitous' network

It's been a busy morning here in Montpellier, where over 1,000 people have gathered for the 35th edition of IDATE's DigiWorld Summit.

ITProPortal was fortunate enough to attend several highly interesting presentations from a number of business leaders, all revolving around the theme of 'smart connectivity'.

One of the speakers was Vivek Badrinath, the deputy CEO of Orange. His talk addressed Orange's business strategies and the wider picture of the telecommunications industry.

According to Badrinath, increasing the amount of investment that goes into infrastructure is a core component of Orange's plan. He believes that the creation of a 'ubiquitous' network is key to the company's future, and will enable it to explore new fields of business.

He identified mobile banking as one of these potential fresh areas. Indeed, the firm plans to launch Orange Cash, a mobile contactless payment service, in France towards the beginning of next year.

However, Badrinath then raised an important talking point, which he considers to be one of the largest challenges that telecoms organisations face in today's world. In order to expand, companies require huge amounts of investment, which in turn leads to the consumption of enormous levels of energy.

Badrinath believes that this has to change quickly, since it is not a sustainable model.

ITProPortal attended the World Climate Summit in Warsaw over the weekend, and the messages there were clear. Polish deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński called on businesses to take on more responsibility in the environmental debate, while Dr Christoph Frei of the World Energy Council said that our reliance on fossil fuels could escalate unless technology firms dramatically change their ways and focus on critical innovation.