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Qualcomm details new chips with booming Asian market in mind

Qualcomm has unveiled a new line of mobile chips as it eyes markets across Asia for its next tranche of growth with fast data transfer at the heart of its plans.

The world leader in mobile chip technology will begin offering its fourth generation LTE chips to manufacturing customers in the early part of 2014 with analysts at its annual investor event expected to question executives on its growth strategy.

Reuters reports that this is likely to focus on the global shift in smartphone growth from the US to China and developing markets with the questions on how Qualcomm will be able to handle this new trend.

The new chips are being targeted at top of the range smartphones with parts of the technology in them finding a way into lower end handsets according a statement given to Reuters by Cristiano Amon, executive VP and co-president of Qualcomm’s chipmaking department.

Amon also confirmed new Snapdragon 805 processors are on the way for tablets and smartphones and will have new Ultra HD video features as well as 40 per cent more graphical power using the same amount of battery power as before. The new processor will have a 2.5GHz quad-core processor and extra graphical power comes from the Adreno 420 GPU.

Qualcomm intends to start putting “beefed up” processors into routers and media services earlier next year in order to allow manufacturers to create products that can handle more connections and Internet traffic within the home.

It remains to be seen whether Qualcomm decides to make a move into the 64-bit architecture arena after it apologised for comments made by CMO Anand Chandrasekher that had criticised Apple’s new A7 chip in October.

He stated that it was a “gimmick” and its apology contained wording that suggested the mobile hardware and software market was heading towards 64-bit market and that processors will benefit from the new class of architecture.