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The great Apple & Google scam: Watchdog finds firms fleece buyers for extra iPad and Nexus storage

Apple and Google are facing a deluge of criticism after a watchdog uncovered more than a 1,000 per cent mark up in price for extra storage on their tablet devices.

Whilst manufacturers of the slates can buy Flash storage at a market price of £5.95 for 16GB, according to a Which? investigation, those who fork out for a 32GB iPad Air will be paying £80 more for the privilege of extra memory.

The report also stated that Google charges an extra £70 to increase the Nexus 10’s memory from 16GB to 32GB, which works out as another teeth-grinding 1,000 per cent hike in price.

Electronics giant Amazon also charges £40 for the storage increase on its Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Which? described this profiteering policy as “scandalous,” advising those wishing to buy a tablet over the Christmas period to find a device with an SD or microSD slot where memory can be bulked up for a fraction of the cost.

However, many tablets, like Apple’s iPads, have a sealed design that makes it almost impossible to install new hardware. Indeed, the decision to assemble iPads with glue instead of screws also makes it incredibly difficult to repair.

For those who require extra space so badly that the high price seems worth it, the investigation also added that the amount of extra storage customers think that they’re getting is often less than advertised after the operating systems and built-in apps are installed.

For example, on a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, only 10GB is left for a user’s songs, apps, photos and other files once the core programmes are taken into account.

Apple and Google have declined to comment on the report.