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Postal Tracker Slice gets 4.0 upgrade just in time for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, like a black cloud of frantic shopping and family gatherings. While you might drive yourself up the wall getting the shopping done, postal-tracker Slice can at least make tracking your holiday shipments much easier. This app plugs into your email inbox and extracts all the purchase and shipping information so you can see everything in one place. This app has just gotten a big update on Android that introduces a tablet interface to the already robust feature set.

The inbox-scanning functionality is not unique to Slice — Google Now does something similar. However, this app organises all your purchases in a single interface and makes tracking your shipments a breeze. You can even choose to get notifications when an item ships, is out for delivery, and has been delivered. If there is a price drop or a recall on something you previously ordered, Slice will let you know about that too.

The Home section lists all of your orders chronologically in an array of tiles. From here you can check out the data you have on any individual item. The app lists delivery and shipping dates (if available) as well as all the discount and recall info it can gleen from the Internet. The recall information is actually pulled from the Consumer Product Safety Commission API and matched to your buying history.

If you're just interested in items that are in transit, there is a Shipments section of Slice. This one has a scrollable area at the top with your packages. Below that is a map and tracking information from the item you have selected at the top. If there is a recognised tracking number in the source email, you'll get detailed arrival estimates right there.

The new interface is responsive and it makes proper use of Android design guidelines. The only problem visually is that Slice sometimes can't pull up images for your items, and the ones it does find can be low-resolution. Still, Slice is a neat idea and it finally works properly on tablets. There is also a version of Slice for iOS, but it hasn't been updated to 4.0 yet.

Image: Flickr (R. Millar)