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Microsoft’s Xbox One console unboxed (video)

The Xbox One is finally here – today is the big launch day for Microsoft’s big black box of tricks. We've already reviewed it and have been impressed by all of the Xbox One's features. However, before our review got underway, we unboxed the new console and got it all on video so you can see exactly what you’re getting in the retail package for the princely asking price of £429.

Check out the video above, just press play and grab some popcorn (though it might be a bit early for snacks – maybe grab some Shredded Wheat instead).

The Xbox One package contains the system itself (unsurprisingly), the new Kinect for Xbox One, a gamepad with two batteries, a wired headset, and a huge power brick.

The fact that the Kinect is included – and Sony’s PlayStation Camera accessory isn’t bundled with the PS4 – partially explains why the Xbox One is more expensive than the PS4 to the tune of £80. If you buy the PS4 and PlayStation Camera, you’ll pay around £400 in total, so you’ll only be saving £30 or so over Microsoft’s console.

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