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A closer look at the Xbox One’s launch woes: Microsoft’s faulty and scuffed consoles

The Xbox One was finally unleashed on Friday, and Microsoft’s new console has now ensconced itself in the living rooms of many folks up and down the country.

While many users are happily playing with their Xbox Ones, some unfortunate people have encountered major issues. From faulty Blu-ray drives through unexplained buzzing to iPhone-like scuffs, the Xbox One launch hasn’t gone entirely smoothly. However, with any luck these failures won’t turn out to be an issue on par with the Xbox 360’s now-infamous red ring of death.

The Xbox One’s most obnoxious day-one issue by far was the fact that a number of Microsoft’s consoles shipped with broken Blu-ray drives. When a disc is inserted, the unfortunate owner isn’t greeted with a nice loading screen or even a sad-faced error message. Instead, all they get is a shrill clicking noise announcing to the world that their shiny new console is broken.

It’s almost as if the drive itself is mocking them, really – just check out the video below...

Not to be outdone, the next video shows an Xbox One making an eerie buzzing noise without any explanation. Did something come loose inside the case? Is the fan scraping something? Nobody knows for sure quite yet, but I know I couldn’t stand to listen to this YouTube video for more than a few seconds before I had to shut it off.

Some forum denizens over at Neowin have reported that some Xbox One models are being received with noticeable scuff marks. Long streaks, missing hunks of plastic, and ugly dings leave the console looking like it lost a fight in a pub car park. Actually, this seems very similar to Apple’s iPhone 5 “scuffgate,” so it’s not hard to believe that a high-profile device like the Xbox One could ship in such a banged-up state (see the image below).

Bear in mind that it’s still too early to tell how widespread these issues are. Some failures are absolutely unavoidable for a consumer electronics launch of this scale, but we have a valid reason to be wary.

After the huge number of broken units which plagued the last generation Xbox, Microsoft is now being watched under a microscope. These issues aren’t reason enough to panic just yet, but let’s just say that holding out on your next-gen purchases for a few months wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

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Image Credit: Neowin