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Amazon readying high-res Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon plans to release a high resolution Kindle Paperwhite with the rumoured device set to feature a screen that outstrips the competing Kobo Aura HD when released in Q2 2014.

TechCrunch, who have seen a prototype of the eReader, reports that the new Kindle Paperwhite will have a 300 ppi screen as well as a number of other refinements that will bring it parity with competitors as far as technical specs are concerned.

The current version of the Kindle Paperwhite has a 212 ppi screen that fails miserably in comparison to the Aura HD screen that has a 265 ppi screen – both companies using E Ink to provide Pearl E Ink displays.

Amazon’s new high-res eReader is nicknamed Ice Wine and as well as the ppi improvement it has a newly styled front screen that reaches to the edges of the device as opposed to being slightly recessed. It is also made from matte glass as opposed to the plastic that adorned previous incarnations.

When it comes to the software there are no noticeable improvements and the current version will simply be upscaled to take advantage of the higher resolution. What there will be is a new typography that is custom built specifically for reading and it’s apparently a “major improvement” compared to past versions.

The split plastic buttons that many Kindle owners have become enamoured with are on the way out with Amazon choosing to put in place touch buttons on the device edges that give haptic feedback.

Casing covering the back of the eReader evokes the current line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets through its angular approach and there is a rear power button that will remind everyone of the newest range of Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon is expected to start offering the new Kindle Paperwhite tablet during the second quarter of 2014 with pricing yet to be announced.