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Microsoft's Xbox One punishes potty mouthed gamers

If you fancy giving the Xbox One’s Upload Studio application a go – a feature that allows users to record, comment on and share clips of games and media – you’d better wash your mouth out with soap first.

Microsoft is cracking down on videos containing “excessive profanity”. In layman’s terms, that means if you drop the F-bomb you run the risk of being banned from the app completely for a 24 hour period with the offending video being flagged and removed.

The Xbox Live video upload system was available on previous-gen consoles, but with the arrival of the Xbox One, Microsoft has seriously stepped up its enforcement game.

The confirmation of a crackdown follows various reports online by users saying that they’d been banned from using Microsoft services after their videos were slapped with an “unsavoury” label by moderators.

Some disgruntled potty-mouths also claimed that they had received bans for swearing during private Skype calls; however, Microsoft has denied the accusations saying that it does not listen in on direct peer-to-peer communications.

The Xbox One was released in the UK at a zombie-studded launch in Leicester Square. In general the console has been well-received, aside from a few teething issues concerning faulty disc drives.

Images: Flickr (CoffeeCypher and Mr. Enjoy)