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Pre-orders open for Toq Qualcomm smartwatch ahead of official launch

Qualcomm's new Android-compatible Toq smartwatch has been made available for customers to pre-order, four days ahead of its official launch.

The latest smartwatch to hit the market will launch officially on 2 December, costing $350 (£215), but online customers are able to pre-order the black version.

Android devices running the Jelly Bean operating system or higher will be able to connect wirelessly with the Toq smartwatch, which features support for wireless headphones and wireless charging.

One other feature that stands out is the Mirasol display technology that allows the display to be viewed without need for a backlit screen. By reflecting ambient light, the display is visible to the wearr, much like a digital watch or e-reader.

Qualcomm are the latest company to dip its feet into the smartwatch market, following Sony, Samsung and Pebble. Smartwatch products from all of these manufacturers will be available to consumers over the Christmas period.

Whether their products will feature on people's Christmas lists is something that research firm Gartner doubts. Research released last week revealed that smartwatches and other wearable technology were unlikely to dominate consumer spending and will remain as just a companion device to mobile phones for the next few years.

"Gartner predicts that wearable devices will remain a companion to mobile phones at least through 2017," research analyst Annette Zimmerman said.

"Less than one per cent of premium phone users (will opt) to replace their phone with a wearable device or a tablet.

"Users expect more than just more convenience from a new product category that claims to be innovative and priced at $200 to $300. The same price will fund basic tablets with a good feature set. For the coming holiday season users are more likely to pick the basic tablet option rather than a smart watch as the value proposition is clearer."