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Today's Tech: Black Friday coming to UK, Bitcoin hits all-time financial high and Australia under attack from angry hackers

It looks like US shopping-frenzy Black Friday could be making its way to our green and pleasant land before long, with tech companies Amazon and Apple both offering rounds of deals to coincide with the end of November. Amazon is offering a rolling system of "lightning deals" that looks set to last forever, while Apple will be holding a characteristically exclusive one-day-only day of deals. Meanwhile, users on Reddit have been sharing their Black Friday horror stories. Scary stuff!

Bitcoin hit a new peak today, topping out at an all-time high of$983.99 [£603] before slumping back to $897.50 (£550) The virtual currency stood at $200 [£124] at the end of October, meaning that investors have made a tidy sum for their foresight. The dramatic spikes in value seem to be a result of the recent US Senate hearings on the viability of the new currency, and have been coupled with a number of rapid falls. Some people are debating about whether or not this is a market bubble. Yes. This is the definition of a bubble. Apart from, you know - the original definition.

Australia's Crime Stoppers website has been targeted by Indonesian hackers in apparent retaliation for accusations that accuse the Australian secret service of helping the American National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on Indonesians. The attack was carried out by the BlackSinChan, a collective of Indonesian hackers unaffiliated with Anonymous. In a statement released by the group last Friday, they claimed the attacks were "payback for spying" on Indonesia.

"Greetings World, We Are BlackSinchan," the statement said. "We now have much database from one of your police gov Site! But today we only release some email and pass only! This is a warn for Australian goverment!"

There's nothing like a threat delivered in fiercely approximate English to frighten a country's security apparatus.

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