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Box buys dLoop technology in enterprise push

Cloud storage and collaboration service Box has bought dLoop’s technology to allow it to offer advanced data analytics to its enterprise clients as well as add various controls to protect content.

The terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed and Box will now be able to offer users analytics that can easily find content and capture insights at enterprise level with more information able to be displayed within individual Box control panels.

“dLoop technology creates continuous document graphs and clusters from a pile of unstructured content using machine-learning algorithms. This technology helps discover documents that are normally unreachable by search or pattern matching solutions, strengthening cloud security and increasing visibility of high value content,” said Sam Schillace, VP of engineering at Box, in a blog post on the company’s site.

As part of the deal dLoop cofounder Divya Jain has also joined the team at Box where she will lead the firm’s advanced content analysis and data classification work. Schillace added that the company would be rolling out new advancements based on dLoop technology in the near future.

The acquisition of dLoop is just the latest transaction Box has initiated in order to attempt to take advantage of the enterprise market. In July it launched a new program, known as Box $rev, that aimed to help enterprise-focused app developers make money from apps. This followed the firm unveiling Box OneCloud, which brings all mobile business content under one cloud service and has been popular in the business community.

In August, Box launched a new small business Starter plan specifically for companies with up to 10 employees in order to make it simpler for small businesses to adopt the cloud. At the same time it revealed that 20 million people and 180,000 businesses had already signed up to the service to store and share content in the cloud.