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Deal: GTA V (PS3 and Xbox 360) for £29.99

If, as you crawl along the fast lane in rush hour traffic, you have ever fantasised about leaping out of your car and head-butting the guy driving the Bugatti Veyron in front, Rockstar’s Grant Theft Auto V may be your perfect outlet.

The GTA series is constantly making headlines, both for its unprecedented sales and its eyebrow raising violence. The fifth instalment is the largest world that Rockstar has ever created and has received such a brutish level of hype that your jaw may still be aching from the sheer amount of “you must buy this game” diatribe that's been shoved down your throat since September.

Still, whatever gripes you may have about the controversial series, it is undeniable that GTA V is, at its core, a colossal feat of technical engineering and a jewel in the crown of the open-world genre.

You’d hope so too, since the game is reported to have cost £170 million to make. The good news is, however, that unlike its extortionate creation cost, GTA V is now available on Amazon brand new with free delivery for £29.99. Considering it normally retails for £49.99, this is tantamount to daylight robbery.

You’ll just have to hold off with the speedy getaway car chase until you switch on your Xbox 360 or PS3.

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