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9 things you can’t do with Sony’s PlayStation 4

As you’re probably aware, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is out today, although stock is pretty thin on the ground. In fact, as far back as two weeks ago, those who pre-ordered from Amazon were told they wouldn’t be getting their consoles until after Christmas.

So if you’re unboxing a shiny new PS4 today, you can consider yourself lucky. But don't get too excited just yet. While there's plenty the PS4 can do, there are some things that it isn’t capable of, and we’ve highlighted nine of them here.

1. No YouTube sharing

You can't share your gameplay to YouTube, but you can use the Share button on the DualShock 4 controller to upload gameplay videos to your Facebook account or stream gameplay to Ustream or Twitch.

2. It can't make you a jukebox hero

If you're counting on the PS4 to play MP3s or audio CDs, you're out of luck. While older systems had this functionality, Sony didn't think those were features customers would want in the PS4, but it might add them back in.

3. It can't play your old games

If you're looking to play your PS3, PS2, or PS1 games, forget it because there's no backwards compatibility. But you can pay a tenner to upgrade digital copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 to the PS4 versions.

4. It can't play 4K

Early on, it was reported that the PS4 would support the unicorn that is 4K, but this has turned out to be a no-go. "Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share at this time," Sony said. "PS4 does not currently support 4K output for games."

5. It can't share controllers between friends

Want to assist a friend via the Internet? Sorry, but they're on their own.

6. It can't stop time

Suspend/Resume mode won't be working at launch even with the day-one patch. It’s expected to arrive next year.

7. It can't support wireless stereo headsets

You'll have to be wired to play, and we don't mean on Red Bull.

8. It can't support dynamic themes

So get used to things being a little more static.

9. It can't give you all the control

If you have a DualShock 3 controller or a Blu-ray remote control for the PS3, it's now powerless.

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