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Black Friday bargain bonanza kicks off in UK

It sounds sinister, but Black Friday is the latest cultural import from across the pond where shops across the country throw open their doors and slash their prices.

So roll up your sleeves and sharpen your nails into claws because today will throw out some eye-wateringly great deals as retailers across the UK open for business.

Black Friday always occurs on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving (the irony of spending one day being thankful for all you have, then wrestling over a toaster screaming like a banshee the next is not lost on us). So this year it falls on 29 November, today.

We’ll be covering all the action as it unfolds from our Black Friday live blog, which we’ll be constantly updating all day with deals from around the web. So far we’ve uncovered 20 per cent off of all laptop bags and tablet cases from John Lewis, a Samsung GS3 Mini smartphone for £99 and a £170 saving on a Samsung 16.3-megapixel smart camera.

If you’re still a little confused about what Black Friday is – after all, there’s a Black Monday, Tuesday, and a black every other day of the week – we’ve put together a little something that explains exactly what Black Friday is and why you should care.

Alternately, we’ve also put together another something that questions whether we should care about this import in the UK that sees people devolve into deal-hunting hooligans, because as the old adage goes, there are two sides to every story.

Image credit: The Guardian