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Cloud adoption driven by wrong motivators

Cost shouldn’t be the sole driver of cloud technology with supplier and analysts claiming that its transformational qualities outstrip the savings it can provide companies with.

Cloud Pro reports that a number of suppliers and analysts have told them that the fact cloud isn’t causing a sea of change in individual companies could be potentially damaging in the long term.

“There has been no root and branch change in businesses IT operations. People have just become focused on moving the same process they ever had to a lower-cost platform like cloud,” said Neil Kinson, VP EMEA at Redwood Software.

Kinson thinks that moving workloads over to cloud servers has meant that back office staff are still working with the same manual interactions that wouldn’t be needed if cloud computing was implemented properly and therefore a lot of the value of the cloud is being lost.

This was something that Skyscape Cloud Services CEO Phil Dawson agreed with as he stated that automation is the key area that most people miss and that “it brings down support and management costs, which lets supplier offer services for a much lower price point.”

Some of the benefits that cloud technology brings may not even be those that are most visible.

“Something that is often overlooked is the benefit gained from regular software updates, ranging from every month to every week, without you having to go through the maintenance and upgrade path of getting all your users onto it. This means you don’t need a large support team, which dramatically changes internal support costs,” stated Alastair Mitchell, CEO of Huddle.

Cloud computing is quickly changing the fabric of how UK businesses work with the importance of the market shown in figures released by Parallels that showed the UK small and medium businesses cloud sector will be worth some £2.5 billion by 2016. At the same time firms will start to move to fully hosted solutions ahead of the hybrid cloud that many currently work with.