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The inspiration behind the LG G2 camera

Whether you're a seasoned photography veteran or a fledgling amateur snapper, getting that perfectly steady shot on an action photo is the aim.

In fact, it's the "holy grail," according to Dave the cameraman featured in the video above. On his quest for that "perfectly stable picture", Dave is "always trying to find new and exciting ways of improving [his] craft."

A host of physical contraptions don't quite do the trick however, and the inspiration for that super-steady shot comes in a more surprising form, as we meet Lizzy. A chicken.

Check out the video to see how Lizzy proves to be the key to image stabilisation in Dave's camera work, as she takes sky diving, motorcycling and white water rafting in her stride to capture perfect video every time.

Clearly inspired by Lizzy, the 13-megapixel camera on the LG G2 includes optical image stabilisation technology to help users make smooth, high quality recordings no matter the environment.

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