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Amazon calls out Apple in new Kindle Fire HDX ad

Amazon has become the latest firm to poke fun at Apple through the medium of TV advertising with a new slot looking at its new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9in tablet up against the iPad Air.

The advert compares various different features of the two tablets against each other with Amazon’s US voiceover going up against a Jony Ive impersonator that attempts to champion the specs of the Apple iPad Air.

It starts off with the Ive impersonator speaking of the “magical” iPad Air before he’s interrupted by Amazon’s US counterpart who talks of the fact the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9in has a screen boasting one million more pixels than the iPad Air as well as being 20 per cent lighter at 374g.

From there on in it gets worse for the Ive impersonator as he champions the iPad Air’s price of “just $499 [£304]” that is shouted down by Amazon’s voice, which states the Kindle Fire HDX is $379 [£231] – $120 [£73] cheaper.

It finishes with another reminder of the price and Amazon’s trademark logo as well as the tablet in portrait showing the Amazon store offering on the tablet PC.

Amazon announced the new device earlier on this year and the screen alluded to above has a beyond HD pixel density of 339 ppi and 100 per cent sRGB colour accuracy.

Performance-wise the device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz that makes it three times more powerful than the predecessor and makes it one of the only tablets with a processor over 2GHz.

The device runs on Fire OS – 3.0 Mojito, the latest version of Amazon’s adapted version of Android that is geared towards Amazon’s range of services including X-Ray for music, Goodreads and the Amazon cloud. It also includes Mayday, Amazon’s 24/7 service that aims to connect Kindle Fire HDX users to a member of Amazon’s technical support team at any time of the day.