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LG G Flex international launch expected on 3 December ahead of early-2014 European rollout

UPDATE: Orange has confirmed to us that the LG G Flex will go on sale in France in February 2014 - potentially a good indicator of when the bendy smartphone may land in the UK.

LG is tipped to hold an international launch event for its G Flex smartphone on 3 December, signalling the availability of the flexible screen device in markets outside of South Korea for the first time.

According to the Chinese tech news site, the launch will take place in Hong Kong, with the G Flex immediately available in the region following the event.

Last month it was rumoured that the G Flex would be introduced to the European market in December, beginning with France on the Orange network. As well as the curved and flexible screen, the device boasts a 13-megapixel camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and a "self-healing" coating.

If the rumours prove to be true, the LG G Flex will be the first widely available curved screen device, beating Samsung's Galaxy Round which is also only currently available in South Korea.

In a recent report, president of DisplayMate Technologies Raymond Soneira, said: "Curved screens are a major and very important new display technology innovation, particularly for handheld smartphones."

Soneira concluded that curved displays helped to improve battery life and reduced problems with screen reflectivity. However, he also warned that widespread production would take some time due to the limited availability of resources to produce the devices.

The Galaxy Round is still only available in South Korea "due to the limited production capability for curved OLED displays," according to Soneira.

"Samsung has informed me that as the production volume is increased, it will be introduced in other countries," he added.