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David Cameron joins Chinese social network Sina Weibo

Prime minister David Cameron has signed up to the Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo whilst on a trade visit to the country.

Initially there were doubts as to the authenticity of the account, but it has since been verified by the British embassy in Beijing, who stated "Big boss has come to Weibo!"

The microblogging site, which is akin to a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, has over 500 million registered users and is one of the most popular sites in China.

Within just a few days of signing up, the prime minister had already gathered more than 150,000 followers, according to the BBC, almost one third the number of followers he has on Twitter, and over five times the number of 'likes' he has on Facebook.

Users of Sina Weibo were quick to welcome its newest member, with many sending in questions for the "big boss". Unfortunately for the prime minister, many of these questions focussed on British imperialism from the last 200 years.

"When will you compensate us for the Old Summer Palace?" asked Glorious Ming, referring to the destruction of the Chinese imperial garden in 1860 carried out by British and French forces.

"Mr prime minister, are you bringing opium with you?" asked another user by the name of Yongmian.

Other users took the opportunity to criticise the prime minister for his reluctance to talk about human rights abuses.

"We do not welcome foreign leaders who care nothing about human rights in our country," wrote West Sea Fisherman, who requested the prime minister to "go back" if he did not mention China's human rights record.

Earlier this year four people were arrested in China over comments made on Sina Weibo. They were charged with "inciting dissatisfaction with the government".