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The 5 best Christmas tech gifts for hipsters

Giving a gift is meant to be a selfless act, but it's easy to become overwhelmed by frustration when that someone on your Xmas list has interests and inclinations which are entirely foreign to you.

After a few trips to the shopping mall, you realise it's a waste of petrol and time to go from store to store in the hope that the perfect present will catch your eye. And sorting by age and gender on shopping websites might merely turn up sweaters of different shades and sizes. Looking through the recipient's favourite magazines for hints can leave you puzzled and perplexed about what to select. Without your own preferences or a clear idea of theirs to guide you, you could end up with a generic and forgettable gift, when instead you wanted to give them something they'd cherish.

In these sort of situations, however, tech presents can fit the bill nicely. Tablets and smartphones routinely top the wish-lists of almost every type of person, but as welcome as those might be, they aren't very personal.

That's not to say that tech should be stricken from Christmas shopping lists when you want to convey a connection – there are gadget choices beyond the pale aluminium for a whole spectrum of people you're shopping for this Xmas season.

We have some gift ideas that even the hipsters on your list have probably never heard of. Win them over with a mix-tape-style compilation – they'll be wowed not just by your musical taste, but by the 3D-printed cassette-shaped MP3 player, too. And consider bundling the Urbanears Plattan Headphones with that…

Of course, your Christmas shopping list won’t be totally occupied by hipsters, and we’ll be bringing you more gift idea articles this week.

Berlin Boombox (£56)

A flat-packed piece of cardboard becomes the boombox of your eighties retro dreams. The Berlin Boombox is electronically sound and ready to rumble.

Urbanears Plattan Headphones (£36)

The Urbanears Plattan Headphones have the competition all sewn up. They give friends the warm fuzzies by letting them plug in and listen along with their own headphones, and they come in a wide range of different and striking colour schemes.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera (£130)

Just as instant as Instagram, the Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera captures digital shots and prints them out in around 30 seconds. The Z2300 has 32MB of memory and takes 720p video.

Crosley Spinnerette (£110)

Put the needle on the record with the Crosley Spinnerette. It might look authentically vintage, but the Spinnerette has a USB connection for PC or Mac and an audio outlet for MP3 players.

Projecteo (£21)

Posting to Instagram can get the admiration of thousands but when the appreciation of just a select few is wanted, there's Projecteo. This Kickstarter project is a matchbook-sized projector that displays nine Instagram photos on each interchangeable disc of 35mm slide film.