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Today's Tech: PM Cameron joins Sina Weibo, Waterstones mocks Amazon's drone aspirations, and Natwest drowns in shame after crash

Prime minister David Cameron has signed up to the Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo whilst on a trade visit to the country. Initially there were doubts as to the authenticity of the account, but it has since been verified by the British embassy in Beijing, who stated "Big boss has come to Weibo!"

It has not been conformed whether Cameron will fight the 2015 election under the moniker "big boss."

Within just a few days of signing up, the prime minister had already gathered more than 150,000 followers.

Hoo hoo hoo wants a book? British book retailer Waterstones has mocked Amazon's plans to deliver packages by drone in 4-5 years with a parody video on its official blog, where it claimed that it would be delivering books by owl service.

The video, which features Waterstones Press Manager John Howells (styled as John Owls), claims that Waterstones will soon begin delivering books using teams of owls. The "Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service", or OWLS, will be "a new way to bring great books to our readers," according to Howell. Waterstones' managing director, James Daunt has previously described Amazon as "a ruthless, money-making devil."

Natwest customers were left out of the Cyber Monday shopping fest yesterday, as widespread technical faults downed the bank's payment systems. Reports of bank cards being refused began to flood in at around 6:30pm on Monday, and systems remained inaccessible for more than three hours. Customers were left unable to pay for purchases at points of sale, and account holders who use online banking were unable to log on or pay for anything online. While the company claimed this morning that normal service had resumed, there were still reports on Twitter of some customers experiencing problems.

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