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FileMaker 13 released with improved HTML5 integration

FileMaker has released a new version of its popular database application coming with HTML5 data entry, iOS features and a tighter security package than ever before.

The Apple subsidiary’s new product, entitled FileMaker 13, has a total of 50 new features as it looks to bring the desktop solution into the web browser version and making the database design process easier is at the forefront of the update.

“With FileMaker 13, any team can quickly create custom solutions that streamline their business processes while minimizing design time,” said Ryan Rosenberg, VPof marketing and services at FileMaker. “The FileMaker 13 Platform gives organizations even more options for delivering powerful but easy-to-use solutions, including breakthrough web technology, along with impressive new design tools for iOS and desktops.”

FileMaker WebDirect is the headline feature that brings HTLM5 technology to the table and solutions can be created without the need for complex programming experience.

Projects can also now be managed using web console that includes options for file hosting as well as partner portals and the web-based nature of FileMaker makes it easier to manage deployments across PC and Mac platforms.

Data capture has also been improved for iOS devices with the new version taking advantage of the system’s capabilities including slide controls, popovers and the chance to scan records using gesture control.

FileMaker ’13 also allows iOS to collect data using bar codes using the device’s camera and the new version boasts a total of seven types of soft keyboards to cover whatever data type is being collected.

When it comes to security there is new AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that data is safe no matter whether it’s stored on an iPad, iPhone, desktop or server.

The software, which is available right away, costs $9 [£5.50] per month for FileMaker Pro, $15 [£9.17] for FileMaker Pro Advanced and $29 [£17.73] for FileMaker Server, which is billed annually under the FileMaker Annual Volume License Agreement.

Traditional software licenses are also available and start at $329 [£201] for FileMaker Pro 13 licences and $179 [£109] for FileMaker Pro 13 upgrades. There is also a free FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone app available for free via the iTunes App Store.