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The 5 best Christmas gifts for geeks

Giving a gift is meant to be a selfless act, but it's easy to become overwhelmed by frustration when that someone on your Xmas list has interests and inclinations which are entirely foreign to you.

After a few trips to the shopping mall, you realise it's a waste of petrol and time to go from store to store in the hope that the perfect present will catch your eye. And sorting by age and gender on shopping websites might merely turn up sweaters of different shades and sizes. Looking through the recipient's favourite magazines for hints can leave you puzzled and perplexed about what to select. Without your own preferences or a clear idea of theirs to guide you, you could end up with a generic and forgettable gift, when instead you wanted to give them something they'd cherish.

In these sort of situations, however, tech presents can fit the bill nicely. Tablets and smartphones routinely top the wish-lists of almost every type of person, but as welcome as those might be, they aren't very personal.

That's not to say that tech should be stricken from Christmas shopping lists when you want to convey a connection – there are gadget choices beyond the pale aluminium for a whole spectrum of people you're shopping for this Xmas season.

If you thought that we might be able to help when it comes to finding a gift for the geek in your life, then you were right.

Whether they're nostalgic for 8-bits of fun, will have no shame in using their gloves as a phone, or are going to spend Christmas night watching the Doctor take on some evil snowmen with his new companion, you'll find something for them here.

Of course, your Christmas shopping list won’t be full of geeks only, and we’ll be bringing you more gift idea articles this week (you might also want to check out our previous article on the 5 best Christmas tech gifts for hipsters).

Doctor Who Tardis 4-Port USB Hub (£20)

It won't take anyone to another portal, but the Doctor Who Tardis 4-Port USB Hub handles ports quite well, thank you. It also makes Tardis-y wardis-y noises when a USB device is connected to a port.

Tetris Animated Alarm Clock (£23)

Tetrimos drop in to build numbers on this Tetris Animated Alarm Clock – and the alarm plays that familiar 8-bit tune. Retro morning bliss!

Star Trek Closed Communicator iPhone Case (£14)

The Star Trek Closed Communicator iPhone Case gets a clear message across – namely that its carrier is a Trekkie. To make sure it's loud as well as clear, gift the Star Trek Communicator app along with it.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves (£50)

"Call me" is more than just a gesture with Bluetooth Handset Gloves. The thumb hides a speaker, and the pinky finger contains a mic. The gloves are rechargeable via USB and last for about 20 hours of talk time.

LED Umbrella (£15)

If it looks like the apocalypse outside, a Blade Runner-style LED Umbrella will light the way with some considerable geek style. It runs on three AAA batteries.