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Unlock big value in big data with analytics

Ask any group of business or IT leaders, and a clear majority reports that they are actively engaged in discussions about the influence of big data in their organisations or industry sector. For many organisations, however, "discussions" are as far as they have progressed on this topic.

There is now a widespread recognition that big data unto itself has limited business impact unless you can unlock the value in that data through innovative analytics techniques and capabilities. Analytics for big data is simply an evolution of business analytics, with the emergence of myriad sources of data that can fuel richer insights, discover new opportunities, and enable game-changing results.

Today's business leaders recognise that this data is too large and complex and changes too quickly for decision makers to manually analyse it. Decision makers need analytics to address the following big data trends:

  • Use all information by integrating existing and new sources of data to reveal new insights, identify new opportunities, and deliver new business value.
  • Take advantage of all perspectives by analysing data to assess what happened, to understand what is happening now, to predict what will happen, and to automatically take action based on recommendations.
  • Empower people with analytics so that new sensor, geographical, and location data can fuel analytics in new segments of the organisation.
  • Embed analytics into decisions to enable fact-based decisions at the point of impact so that organisations employ analytics-driven operations that automate decisions whenever possible.

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