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HP to axe 1,100 UK jobs in early 2014

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world's largest PC manufacturer, has announced plans to cut over one thousand jobs from three of its UK sites in 2014.

The cuts are part of a global purge by the US-based company that will see the loss of 27,000 jobs from it 350,000 people-strong workforce.

HP operations in Bracknell, Sheffield and Warrington will lose a combined 1,124 posts in the first three months of 2014 as part of the cut backs.

The move is a drastic bid to revive the company's fortunes, with plans to reinvest the £2.2 billion a year saved through the cuts into a "productivity initiative designed to simplify business processes".

The Unite union has already condemned HP's plans, claiming the company is "a long-term addict to a culture of job cuts".

Unite national officer Ian Tonks said: "For the last five years HP has been addicted to a culture of job cuts in the UK to such an extent that its highly skilled workforce has little faith in the way the company is being managed and will be going forward. "Unite will be doing everything possible to mitigate these job losses which are a hammer blow to the UK's IT sector and very distressing for employees in the run-up to Christmas."

According to Unite, 618 jobs will be lost in Bracknell and 500 lost in Sheffield and Warrington. Many of those facing redundancy are those who work from home or within the organisations employing HP.

In a statement, HP said: "HP remains committed to supporting the employability of its employees through a number of internal initiatives, including re-skilling, redeployment and support to obtain alternative employment as appropriate."